Friday, December 11, 2009

Language – Medium or Median


LanguageAs a human being I fail to understand and hate to accept the division of same race by any parameters.

Be it culture, color, region, religion or anything.A strange racism I find in us is the “Language” based discrimination. French, Spanish, German, English, etc. How to get rid of this?

A human from German speaking country visits to English speaking country and tries to converse in English. Naturally his pronunciation will bear the German accent. People make fun of it or sometimes ridicule it. The height of the humiliation is that they are branded by their language.

From my point of view, this identification is nothing but a racism. When we born, were not knowing any language. Language is nothing but a medium for communication.  I want to be identified as human being not by any other parameters.

Discrimination by any means should not be tolerated and appreciated and accepted.

Let us work towards equality.