Thursday, July 23, 2009


This is a golden day in blogging life. It is to say very big thanks for sharing an award for an interesting blog. It has been given by Mr. Balaji – . I am really overwhelmed by the generous gesture in the community. One might browse thru’ the postings and find a thanks post for the first visitors comment (That was by Jeen). This also puts a great importance on keeping the expectations fulfilled if not exceeded. The treasure has been showed and shall surely be safeguarded against all odds. It gives more responsibility to maintain good standards.

A big thank you.


This is just to share a poem written by a fellow human being elsewhere living in the world. Do not know his name also. Based on the comments received thru' this blog and number of telephone calls, just thought of sharing. It is not to hurt anybody. And not to hurt any color. But agree completely as far as the discriminatory nature/attitude is concerned that we are not colored.

"When I born, I Black,

When I grow up, I Black,

When I go in Sun, I Black,

When I scared, I Black,

When I sick, I Black,

And when I die, I still black..

And you White fella,

When you born, you Pink,

When you grow up, you White,

When you go in Sun, you Red,

When you cold, you Blue,

When you scared, you Yellow,

When you sick, you Green,

And when you die, you Gray..

And you calling me Colored?!"

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Almost majority of the households in India strongly believes the swallowing as one of the life halting phenomenon in their spiritual, cultural, religious following. It also carries the responsibility to have the impact of this happening, once in their lifetime though, to be reduced and keep the mother earth be safe place to live. That particular responsibility is being fulfilled by the following activities:

Keeping “TULSI” leaves in the Food, Drinking Water, etc.

Not doing any work during the 2 or 3 hours period of the swallowing & spitting it back

Taking head bath immediately after the swallowing & spitting it back

Have a good prayer in front of the statues, photographs, temples

Offer different kinds of Cereals, Food Grains to the neighbors or poor

Now, please world understand and appreciate the efforts of Indian household for making the swallowing demon spit the same within couple of hours., so that the Earth won’t suffer.

This is how on 22nd July 2009, the world could get back the SUN.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Obsession – Color or Name

If anybody press the remote of their TV Channels or flip thru’ the newspapers will find it hard to watch or read the same article / news item spread over the days. It is very obvious that our media totally and madly obsessed with the colored/foreign/popular named visitors to this country. Why? Have anybody written / covered so much if the person is not colored.

Hope everybody would have understood the context.

It is nothing but about the visit of Ms. Hillary Clinton.

It is not to say ever give a covering. It is only to say give an eligible and qualitative covering. Did this media gave any sort of coverage when Mr. MBEKI – South African President visited India? Mostly none of us knew there was a President – South Africa visited India.

Long live obsession to Color, Foreign People and the Name Clinton

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Whose noice was that anyway?

After a hectic day of work, the eyes tired along with the body and mind. It needed really a very good rest. Just hit the bed following a great dinner. The mind roamed around the things went well, gone wrong and needed some kind of attention apart from the office politics. Good sleep as there were no re-collectable dreams.

In the morning, a noise was trying to wake up. It was trying to tell its annoyance with the prolonged stay at bed. It felt very hot in dealing with this kind of lazy behavior. And it was hitting on the face with a great force and telling to get at once from the bed. It was almost close to white in color. Had to wake up: of course with a reluctant mind.

It was a realization that LIGHT also makes noise. It was the early morning sunlight.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009


In India, the entire household lights the lamp in front of the GOD (He may be in the shape of photograph, statue, painting, etc. The timings may differ – Somewhere at Dawn, Somewhere at Dusk, somewhere both the times. Somewhere continuously (You may notice these in the popular temples and popular persons memorial). And also during any occasion, the ritual is that the function starts with lighting a lamp by the chief guest. And the lamp is giving light throughout the function.

Why lamp? How it helps?

First of all, in ancient days when there were no electricity and it was jungle everywhere, the people started this as an essential requirement to see each other and to establish that there is a meeting taking place.

If you consider it in the philosophical terms:

The lamp symbolizes: The knowledge. The knowledge removes/replaces the ignorance – light replaces the darkness.

Why the tube lights and modern day bulbs are not used in worshipping. I do not know.

But the lamp with oil or ghee as a medium gives us the aroma and they are not warming the globe. Our forefathers would have thought well in advance about our ill treatment to the mother earth.


It was 250 BC. A merchant lived in the city of Madurai. He was a leading merchant in those days and supplying all the provisions, utensils, each and everything the people needed. He was regarded as a very good merchant by the rulers and local administrators. Al the people in the city also could not imagine without his services to them. The items provided by him were really of very nice quality.

While everybody appreciating his service to the city, there were some 10 families cursing him. And finding fault in his quality. Those were none other than his wife and mistresses. He had married to more than 10 women and each one had number of children. The number was not a problem. But he was a psychological sadist. He used them very badly and roughed them and made them live in fear always. After it reached a certain (unbearable level), his family (all the women) joined together and committed mass suicide. By hearing this horrible incidence, he did also end his life.

This man has reborn in this world at the mid of previous century. Now he has got a wife (Only one) and 2 children. He has some problem (As per his wife) and went to a fortune teller to find out the reason and remedy to get rid of this problem. The astrologer came with the above story from nowhere (Old hand written leafs). He told that because of the previous birth’s wrong doings, he is suffering now. To come out of it, he needs to visit number of temples and do number of prayers. The expenditure shall be close to 20 grands.

This is how the profession “ASTROLOGER” is being run profitably. And the people fall in to the trap.

Monday, July 13, 2009


A senior executive, holding the country head position and is a frequent flier. He was to take a flight to Zurich – Switzerland. It was a difficult task to get in the Mumbai Airport amidst the crowd. No ramps – You need to lift the Suitcases/Travel bags often – Even if the bags had the wheels. And needed to stand in the queue for a long time to show the things – Ticket, VISA, Passport, Currency (US$), etc. Since, he used to have the luxury of Driver/Office assistant to carry everything for him during routine days; it was difficult to handle on his own at the airport. Then, he needed to go for the security check. One has to be away from the hand baggage for about 5 minutes. Those were the moments of anxiety. Because the hand baggage has all the important documents, currency, tickets, hotel confirmations, etc. Finally, everything was over and he had boarded the flight without losing anything except his temper. It was indeed a very nice flight with good looking girls in skirts – Speaking in a Scandinavian Accent English – Helped him to keep his luggage on the overhead cabinet. He had good drink in the flight and had a great sleep.

Come Switzerland. Fantastic Airport. The luggage arrived in time. One need not lift it. Just one needed to stroll it all over the airport: From the luggage belt to the arrival hall to main hall. Everywhere the flooring was such that one could see and comb their hair. Of course, he oddly / hardly had some. He was mentally comparing Mumbai and thinking that this is the place anybody wanted to be in. He was enjoying the airport. He could straight away walk with luggage to the train station with the Trolley. To get the ticket, he needed to exchange his TC (Travelers Cheque) in to Swiss Franc. He got some 100US$ exchanged – enough for the train journey from Zurich to Uzwil (Elsewhere in Alps) and on the way refreshments.

He turned back to push his trolley to the station and found his hand baggage vanished in thin air.

The 12 Feet sign board in the arrival hall of Switzerland Airport read


Thursday, July 9, 2009


My college (PSG College of Technology) is 15 Kilometers from my residence. The timing was to start at 08:30AM. I used to take bus near my residence at 07:00AM. It usually reaches to my college between 08:10AM and 08:15AM. My classmates/college mates used to envy about my napping (Actually sound sleep) during this travel. Within 5 minutes of boarding the bus I fall into deep sleep not worrying about the noise around, people around, the bumps and potholes on the road, the distorted suspension of the bus. Nothing mattered to me.

After my studies, I started attending my office. Here the situation is still better. The distance is 25 Kilometers. Only difference is my colleagues used to envy or bully me.

The surprise for them is that I had never missed to get up at my desired destination. There so much betting that I shall miss one day. But nobody could see that happening.

The peculiarity in this whole episode is that my sitting posture during the nap. Both my legs folded and rested on the front seat. Then the nap continues till the destination. Even today, whenever I get a chance I do that. My wife curses me for that.

But NAPPING ON THE MOVE shall continue as long as I can.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Our schools, Our Epics, Our Moral Stories, Our Elders, Our Culture, Our Constitution says discrimination in any form is a sin, an offence and denial of human rights. In contrary, see or hear what is happening in China. 200 people died in ethnic violence in a Chinese province (Real number shall never be known to the world). The reaction from the ruling government is that isolate the province, snap all kinds of communication and black out the area. It makes their task easy to cleanse the small in number community (I hate the word – MINORITY). That is why I said the numbers does matter. The so called minority saviors – Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat, D.Raja, Sitaram Yechury, USA, Pakistan – did what. Nothinig! No words from these comrades. Because the killer is a big comrade. Is there a gut in the biggest democratic countries of the world – USA or India to condemn this? Or at least release a press statement in support/concern of those getting killed barbarically?

No! Hell with this kind of democracy. Instead they supply arms and ammunitions to both the sides.

The size does matter.


I do not know, how many of us – fellow human beings, cried, weeping in sorrow, Irrespective of color, race, language, nationality – throughout the ceremony. For me this never looked like a ceremony. It looked like facilitation by the world to greatest ever entertainer, unifier, human being.
The casket carrying the beautiful soul was strolled inside the STAPLES. The tears never stopped from that moment onwards.
How is he related to me? I don’t know. But his influence will be there with me always. My 4 years old son was in fact consoling me by seeing the tears rolling out of my eyes.
The songs sung by different singers, the musicians and the speeches flooded from different human beings are perfect.
In the end, his daughters words spoke lot more than what she delivered.
And as a fitting finale, when his physical remains moved out of the theatre – the background music playing – no voice of the Great Michael Joseph Jackson – instead a ray of light at the centre in front of the mike – at the backdrop his portrait.
We are missing a great music legend. May other musicians take his legacy and spread the world with music and HEAL THE WORLD from this sorrow.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


People call it PDC. It is Pressure Die Casting. Normally if somebody says Pressure Die Casting, He really refers High Pressure Die Casting. I am not gonig to make you guys whoever reads this blog with this lecture. Whatever you are up to in daily life, at least once the product made out of this process helps you in any one of the way. It may be in the form of Aluminium, Zinc and Magnesium Components - Automoblies, Refrigerators, Washing Machines, Utensils, Laptops, Mobile Phones, Textile Machines, Aeroplanes, Ships, Motors, Pumps, Valves, Trains, and so on. In this domain, I had something to share with you.

If it is interesting to you, go through it.
Otherwise, just ignore it.


It was a long trip for a Semi-vegetarian Indian in China. I had to be there for a business purpose north of China – Changchun. The trip was from Delhi Beijing è Changchun è Zhengzhou and for 15 days. I had a very rich and high flying executive sitting next to me. I had an embarrassing situation involving him once. No it was indeed twice.

Instance 1.
He was using his mobile gadget on the flight. As I was not aware, that there are mobile phones which has the flight mode option. I asked him to switch off the instrument as a very rule abiding, safety conscious passenger midair. The executive looked at me, frowned and said that is taken care. This was the FUN part 1 in that trip.

Instance 2.
Throughout my stay in China, I could not manage with the kind of food available and could not find an Indian restaurant. However, on the way back to India, on the flight I got the Indian type of food. I was very happy just at the sight of the menu. The menu also had an intercontinental aroma. Hence, there was this “BUN”. The bun was neatly and tightly wrapped. We were all having our Dinner, including the mobile savvy executive. After couple of drinks in to my throat, I tried to eat the bun. To eat, I needed to take it out of the wrapper. I tried hard and finally I made a wild attempt by keeping the wrappers cut to a small opening and pulling hard the sides. No one could have imagined the effect. The BUN flew from the wrapper and fell 5 rows behind. My row and the BUN row (where the bun landed), got laughter and shocker respectively. Imagine sitting in a flight and enjoying the dinner after couple of drinks; if some flying object falls from nowhere. It was fun for us. I am sure it was an anxious moment for the 5th Row.

Myself and the executive had MOBILE-BUN-FUN trip.


When I was young, I never dreamt of taking a flight for traveling. And to the next to impossible, I never even imagined an abroad travel. This may seem to be exaggerated. But for a boy hailing from a small town elsewhere in southern part of India that too in the year 1993 was really an extravagant happening. The day had been in my memory like as it happened yesterday. My trysts with the formalities – PASSPORT (To be frank I did not possess the piece of booklet when the announcement made by my organization), VISA, Foreign Exchange, Dresses, and so on – notwithstanding, with all amusement I announced to my Family that I am traveling abroad for months together. They were, at first in a dilemma – as a normal orthodox family, but finally could tell me go ahead. I have never seen the Airport to be so crowded only with my family and friends (We were 5 colleagues traveling 1st time out of country) till date. From the time the Flight took off, I could not hide my excitement such a way that till the Plane landed at Mumbai (Then Bombay), I was all at smiles – very broad, loud and happy. It was a different experience. To my knowledge, the Aeroplane also had to pass through Speed breakers / Bumps mid air. And there were UPS and DOWNS (Very steep though), TURNS. Then, we had some purchasing to do for our trip to GERMANY for evading the climate. Mind that, in Germany the winter was setting in. We landed in FRANKFURT next day and Taken one more Flight to Berlin “TIEGEL” airport.

Oh my goodness. The dream of flying high had been conquered with 3 consecutive flights at a stretch. Coimbatore - Mumbai - Frankfurt - Berlin
Thank my parents, teachers and employers for making impossible to possible – me traveling abroad.