Thursday, July 9, 2009


My college (PSG College of Technology) is 15 Kilometers from my residence. The timing was to start at 08:30AM. I used to take bus near my residence at 07:00AM. It usually reaches to my college between 08:10AM and 08:15AM. My classmates/college mates used to envy about my napping (Actually sound sleep) during this travel. Within 5 minutes of boarding the bus I fall into deep sleep not worrying about the noise around, people around, the bumps and potholes on the road, the distorted suspension of the bus. Nothing mattered to me.

After my studies, I started attending my office. Here the situation is still better. The distance is 25 Kilometers. Only difference is my colleagues used to envy or bully me.

The surprise for them is that I had never missed to get up at my desired destination. There so much betting that I shall miss one day. But nobody could see that happening.

The peculiarity in this whole episode is that my sitting posture during the nap. Both my legs folded and rested on the front seat. Then the nap continues till the destination. Even today, whenever I get a chance I do that. My wife curses me for that.

But NAPPING ON THE MOVE shall continue as long as I can.


  1. Hi Murali,
    That is one of the many specific characterstics of a person called S. Murali, :)
    Best regard

  2. Ha Ha Ha, I am one of the witness for this atrocious beehaviour of Murali. He not only naps during long jouneys, as this is a continuous practice; he is good in napping even for a 10mnts travel in the city bus. But I will say it is a boon, cos even my regular sleep in the night have become a problem and I am lullabyed with the tablets my pscychologist prescribed. SO, Murali you go ahead with your nap, that is a bliss.

  3. recently i saw in a web, sleeping in bus will give rise to spine problems/back pain. as our head is not stable when we are as sleep sitting.

  4. Dear Rajesh,
    Thank you for your concern. I shall try not to do in long journey. It is very important as I am suffering from Back pain quite long.