Tuesday, July 7, 2009


When I was young, I never dreamt of taking a flight for traveling. And to the next to impossible, I never even imagined an abroad travel. This may seem to be exaggerated. But for a boy hailing from a small town elsewhere in southern part of India that too in the year 1993 was really an extravagant happening. The day had been in my memory like as it happened yesterday. My trysts with the formalities – PASSPORT (To be frank I did not possess the piece of booklet when the announcement made by my organization), VISA, Foreign Exchange, Dresses, and so on – notwithstanding, with all amusement I announced to my Family that I am traveling abroad for months together. They were, at first in a dilemma – as a normal orthodox family, but finally could tell me go ahead. I have never seen the Airport to be so crowded only with my family and friends (We were 5 colleagues traveling 1st time out of country) till date. From the time the Flight took off, I could not hide my excitement such a way that till the Plane landed at Mumbai (Then Bombay), I was all at smiles – very broad, loud and happy. It was a different experience. To my knowledge, the Aeroplane also had to pass through Speed breakers / Bumps mid air. And there were UPS and DOWNS (Very steep though), TURNS. Then, we had some purchasing to do for our trip to GERMANY for evading the climate. Mind that, in Germany the winter was setting in. We landed in FRANKFURT next day and Taken one more Flight to Berlin “TIEGEL” airport.

Oh my goodness. The dream of flying high had been conquered with 3 consecutive flights at a stretch. Coimbatore - Mumbai - Frankfurt - Berlin
Thank my parents, teachers and employers for making impossible to possible – me traveling abroad.


  1. That is very nice post, but I am sorry it looks more like your personal diary. I suggest to present more in the perspective of first time flier(correct-aa). You I still could not get the figure of an Airport, Aeroplane, Air hostess, choclates, drinks, the signs of precaution. Please not I am not rying to comment or criticise you, rather a dynamic presentation. Chinnapullathanama, don't submit this thanks to teachers, thanks to god, thanks to everybody for the piece of bread I get this day blah blah blah! Sorry if I am harsh a bit!

  2. Dear Prabu,

    Unfortunately, it has been in my blood to be sentimental and take any forum for thanking whenever I think. Let me try to minmize it. I won't be able to avoid it.

  3. SINCE I DON'T HAVE PASSPORT..................................



  4. Tell me when are you going to take. Anyhow, you have traveled by air so many times right. So you may comment