Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It was a long trip for a Semi-vegetarian Indian in China. I had to be there for a business purpose north of China – Changchun. The trip was from Delhi Beijing è Changchun è Zhengzhou and for 15 days. I had a very rich and high flying executive sitting next to me. I had an embarrassing situation involving him once. No it was indeed twice.

Instance 1.
He was using his mobile gadget on the flight. As I was not aware, that there are mobile phones which has the flight mode option. I asked him to switch off the instrument as a very rule abiding, safety conscious passenger midair. The executive looked at me, frowned and said that is taken care. This was the FUN part 1 in that trip.

Instance 2.
Throughout my stay in China, I could not manage with the kind of food available and could not find an Indian restaurant. However, on the way back to India, on the flight I got the Indian type of food. I was very happy just at the sight of the menu. The menu also had an intercontinental aroma. Hence, there was this “BUN”. The bun was neatly and tightly wrapped. We were all having our Dinner, including the mobile savvy executive. After couple of drinks in to my throat, I tried to eat the bun. To eat, I needed to take it out of the wrapper. I tried hard and finally I made a wild attempt by keeping the wrappers cut to a small opening and pulling hard the sides. No one could have imagined the effect. The BUN flew from the wrapper and fell 5 rows behind. My row and the BUN row (where the bun landed), got laughter and shocker respectively. Imagine sitting in a flight and enjoying the dinner after couple of drinks; if some flying object falls from nowhere. It was fun for us. I am sure it was an anxious moment for the 5th Row.

Myself and the executive had MOBILE-BUN-FUN trip.


  1. Its really very funny to read. The humour is very clearly conveyed. nice article

  2. Do you mean the content or my language?

  3. BUN - FUN, heading mis guided me.

    I Thought it is about MALAYALAM MOOVIE.




  4. It happened long after the serving. Hence, there was no chance for the chubby hostess to witness this.