Wednesday, July 15, 2009


It was 250 BC. A merchant lived in the city of Madurai. He was a leading merchant in those days and supplying all the provisions, utensils, each and everything the people needed. He was regarded as a very good merchant by the rulers and local administrators. Al the people in the city also could not imagine without his services to them. The items provided by him were really of very nice quality.

While everybody appreciating his service to the city, there were some 10 families cursing him. And finding fault in his quality. Those were none other than his wife and mistresses. He had married to more than 10 women and each one had number of children. The number was not a problem. But he was a psychological sadist. He used them very badly and roughed them and made them live in fear always. After it reached a certain (unbearable level), his family (all the women) joined together and committed mass suicide. By hearing this horrible incidence, he did also end his life.

This man has reborn in this world at the mid of previous century. Now he has got a wife (Only one) and 2 children. He has some problem (As per his wife) and went to a fortune teller to find out the reason and remedy to get rid of this problem. The astrologer came with the above story from nowhere (Old hand written leafs). He told that because of the previous birth’s wrong doings, he is suffering now. To come out of it, he needs to visit number of temples and do number of prayers. The expenditure shall be close to 20 grands.

This is how the profession “ASTROLOGER” is being run profitably. And the people fall in to the trap.


  1. That-is-the-reason-I-say-you-to-install-a-astrology-(pirated)-software-in-your-computer-and-check-the-future-yourself!!!!

  2. I don't believe in piracy. As I told you, I don't even see films in piracy CDs. Do you think for this dirty job, I go for the software that too pirated. No way.

  3. ASTROLOGER----i would call him a better sales man.

    for many he may be villain, but for few he is a hero