Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Value – Material or Human - EXPEREINCE

In 1993, Just 2 years after the German unification, happened to be in Berlin. Remember the Berlin wall which separated the Island state when there were East and West Germany. It has got 3 airports. Got down from the plane and hired a Taxi to the Hotel. I proceeded to board the Taxi from Front Left side. The driver looked at me in surprise. Because it was a European country and for the person from Asian country the Steering Wheel always comes at the right. That was the first embarrassment. Then the Cab strolled out of the Airport and entered the highway (AUTOBAHN). The speedometer started crossing stage by stage 50, 60, 75, 90, 110, 130 & 150 kmph which pumped the blood out of my heart faster than that as never used to travel more than 60 kmph. My goodness, it was really an experience.

And as an outsider and with the experience of seeing movies about world war, reading books about the escape bids from walled Berlin, the traditional differences and so on, I had been to sightseeing on a week end. It was really surprising to see the differences just few streets this side and that side (Erstwhile East and West respectively). The street lamps, the cars, the houses, the paints, etc., it was so glaring. I could see the reminders of the broken wall (A barrier created artificially by the so called developed nations of the world to write a dark period in the human race that too at the cost of other nations. As they always do like Vietnam, Afghanistan, Iraq, Etc.,)

Suddenly as a usual Asian, I just stepped on the highway (Remember the speeds) unmindfully. One couldn’t believe that all the cars stopped with scratching noise and waited for me to cross. I realized my mistake and told them to proceed, but they waved me to cross and waited till I reach the other end of the pavement. Then I was told, the first preference is for the pedestrian. Following day, we were going to office in other side of Berlin. It was Burger Strasse to Germania Promanade. We were all (Team of 5) crossing the road (This was only with the signal showing green light for crossing). Previous nights rain had formed a frost on the road and the moment our boss put his foot, it just moved which made him fall. It was a very nice sight that almost from 5 ~ 6 of waiting cars, people rushed and came to help him up. They enquired his well being and asked any need to go to the hospital. It was really great exhibition of culture concerning the value for the human being. And most amazingly, I have never seen any car with a smallest of dents , scratches, broken lights or that short. And very, very, very surprising and unimaginable thing was that hardly heard HORN / HONKING.

Points to note:

It was Germany: We were Asians: We were all taught that they are the most racial people and killed numerous Jews: Erstwhile Nazis.


Never believe to the core “all the bad things said” about a culture / religion / language / country / people / race / color. Only experience the bad and share. One can believe the good things blindly.

HUMAN VALUE = Life is equal to all for living. Help unconsciously irrespective of difference.


  1. Good article along with your experiences regarding differences and helpfulness for both peoples (East & West Germen)

    ka. balaji

  2. Read in a hurry! BUt I remember you saying me this! My interpretation is how India is revealed to Americans and Europeans? The shuttle racism alive in Tamilnadu between the Bramins and Non Bramins, and the way this things are documented! Hope things will be better later!

  3. Thanks Balaji for the comments. It was indeed an experience till date I cherish.
    Yes Prabhu. We should be happy that as on date, there are no surname (Chettiars, Gounders, Iyers, Pillais, etc.,) culture to the maximum. Times will surely change all that dividing the human values.

  4. Now a days people love idiots also.I am notan exception!

    The way of narration is admired by me and let go on its flow further.

    I am able to understand more now about you.

  5. Dear Banu,
    Thanks for the compliments. I am very sorry that I was bit ignorant in the last month as i was little bit busy with my work pressure. If you could follow TAMIL do visit my tamilblog by clicking the right side top corner My young and present picture.