Friday, August 28, 2009



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The images are taken from the video of the Sri lankan government’s action against so called terrorism. Even a terrorist organization shall never dare to do this kind of atrocity. This video had been sent by the Sri lankan Newspaper Agencies to BBC and human rights organization

If you could see the video, you shall easily understand the gravity of the situation. The ordinary citizens of Sri lanka are being tortured and eliminated in inhuman methods by the SRILANKAN army with the blessings of their Government only because the poor belong to the TAMIL community.

There are more than 2,80,000 human being are being held as prisoners and systematically being interrogated and erased. This activity is no less crime than what done by HITLER ruled Germany  against the Jews.

To know more about the ongoing, ever increasing and barbaric activities of the SRILANKAN Government against our fellow human beings, visit the following:

Request whoever had the opportunity to see this post, do visit the above mentioned human rights site, do spread the awareness, do condemn this act, do whatever possible so that the international community act to stop this.

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  1. That is really a post needed for the hour. Its very pity on our part that most of the Tamil Bloggers are not so aware or interested to take this matter to the public. The print media is publishing this news in the 3rd or 4th page. Still we must our level best to take this to maximum friend of ours