Wednesday, August 12, 2009


This is just to share the creativity of tender minds of my yelder son Rohit Aaditya. The above image is during our visit to an Automotive Exhibition.

The image on the left has been taken to capture his creative thinking / utilization of toys. The red color toy is the "FOUR ARMS" - A cartoon character and that too was a freebee along with a "HAPPY MEAL" at "McDONALDS". Other Automobile toys were given to him as a gift either from India or Abroad.

The picture below has been taken when he was doing some fun with the paper. It is a fusion of "ORIGAMI" and drawing / painting on a plain paper. I was totally surprised the way it has been conceived and explained to me and his mother. I do not know when and where I lost such kind of creative thinking. See the 3 dimensional approach with a paper.

I wish to remain as a kid. Since it was not possible, I cherish the above moments. And wanted to share. The photographs may not be of good quality but the creativity is.


  1. Wah Rohith, That is really a nice set of creative compositions. Keep going! I know that you can do more than this! Good luck young man!!!

  2. //The photographs may not be of good quality but the creativity is.//

    The end picture is very beautiful. I like this 3D picture. Congratulation to Rohit. God give this type of Creativity mind to 1 of 100 person only. So, you and your child also get this opportunity.

    And then One request, please encourage your son in these days. It will help him to moderate his life.

  3. Good ones. Let him try Lego, Lego Technic or Lego Mindstorms NXT toys. He'll probably enjoy and these toys will feed his creativity.

  4. Dear Lakshmanan,
    Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting. He has lots of Lego and likewise toys. But these are all his original ideas without any help. That is why it grabbed my knowledge. Go through my other posts also and comment.

  5. Dear Balaji,
    Thank you very much. I always encourage him and most importantly I never push my thoughts in him. I let him on his own.