Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Man & Machine - Mishandling - Mishap

Technological advancements have taken us to greater heights. Man could touch the Moon (?). Man could roam / float on the space many million away. One could reach other end of the world in 24 hours. Getting to see the activities happening elsewhere sitting in his living room. Really the human mind worked overtime to achieve, the Airplane; Rocket launched Satellites, Internet, and so on. We defied all laws of nature. Against gravity we fly and defeated the speed of sound.

Some of the returns we receive naturally and manually are alarming. Everybody knows the global warming effects, El Nino Effects, Water deficits, Pollution Norms, etc.,

One of my relative had motor cycle. He was a very systematic and law abiding citizen. He wanted to go to a nearby village for some work. He was looking for his helmet and realized that has been borrowed by one of his friend. He went to the friend’s house and found he had already left to his workplace. Since that place was more than couple of kilometers, he took his motorcycle to go there. On the way, when he was entering the motorway, he noticed a truck coming. He applied the brake and the truck also came to a halt. Because of the braking action, his head swung in front and had an impact with the truck’s bonnet. Unfortunately, the helmet was with his friend.. He is alive even today after number of open head surgery and so many medicinal treatments. His age is 42 and he is being taught A, B, C, D, and 1, 2, 3,. He was at the time of accident a successful Building Architect.

We invented a motor vehicle for basically transportation either for human or for goods. It varies from personal transportation to huge volume (Mass) transportation. There are certain rules, precautions, systems to be followed. In the world, almost 90% vehicle handlers are educated. And as the rule of book goes, a person won’t be granted the license to drive/ride/handle a motor powered vehicle without undergoing a proper test/examination.

Recent article which is a reproduction of WHO (World Health Organization) tells the amount of human life lost due to accidents. I never say these are accidents. It is only because of sheer negligence and mostly because of the EGO in one’s mind. The rules are forgotten once he gets the license to drive. He uses the license to kill. The educated people have the overconfidence. The experienced driver has the overconfidence. We always jump to the bandwagon of scolding the government. To certain extent that thinking is ok. But most of the cases, it is over doing and not following the rules. Implement a helmet wearing regulation: Agitation across the class. Tell me how many people wear the seat belt and drive. It is atrocious not to follow the rules. Rules are not for policemen. It is for ones won safety and well being. We do know and notice the signboards saying the speed limits. How many of us following?

It is disturbing to note the above.

As a human being I urge all of us to be responsible (while driving / riding) to our, others and everyone’s family.

Wear helmet. Wear Seatbelt. Obey the traffic rules.

Instead of killing people on the road, kill the EGO to be safe and others be safe.

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  1. Nice message. Appealing! I can understand the feel, since you know I was also a victim of an accident without the helmet over my head. Still, I could say one thing, add more fictional treatment in the words and some pulling pics in the article. Otherwise this is a must read post by you!