Wednesday, August 5, 2009


It was a quiet Wednesday afternoon in the RAJDHANI TRAIN. It is on the way back from INDORE – MADHYAPRADESH, INDIA. The train journey started from Bhopal and end at Bangalore in some 26 Hours duration. I got a call from my better half.

Let us listen to what I heard & said:

Better Half: “Do you know what happened today?”

I was curious and anxious as I was away from home for a week’s time.

Better Half: “It was a great sight to watch”

Me: Tell me what.

Better Half: “Our younger son (Studying LKG) got down from the bus with a “GOLDMEDAL” on his tender shoulders”

I could hear: The hidden ecstasy in her voice: The pride of being the mother: The perfection his SON could achieve.

And of course, I was really felt very happy that my better half excited with our SON’s achievement in young age. After that his brother (My elder son) also shared his excitement and happiness.

Then my son himself in his childish voice told me like this: “I got GOLDMEDAL in running race. I have come first and all the classmates came second. That is why I got the GOLDMEDAL. My friend got SILVER and other Friend got other medal. My teacher gave me the MEDAL”

After hearing all these things, I could not wait any more to see the medal.

Moreover, it was a coincidence that I have been awarded in the blog and my son getting “GOLDMEDAL”

The difference is that I got it without hard work. My son got the Medal with the hard work by running those yards with the vision.


  1. really superb Sohit.... Keep it up ....well done


  2. Thanks Ram Kumar for visiting this blog and commenting. It is Shahid Karna.

  3. I am very happy to view this post. I am sure Shahid will reach all the heights in the future. Still, this medal will be incomparable. Preserve this medal, photos and this post with comments. The ultimate age of purest form of feelings. I love you Shahid and Rohith.

  4. Thank you Prabhu for your kind comments.

  5. Shahid will reach all the heights in the future, Iam also bless him.
    Ka. Balaji

  6. Good Day Sir , You made your Parents PROUD,It's your turn to FEEL PROUD of your children.I wish them from my heart to live a GREAT LIFE. I FEEL HAPPY TO SEE BOY'S.

  7. Dear Karthi,

    Thank you very much for the appreciation.

  8. Dear Murali,

    Convey our Congrats & Best wishes to Him.


  9. Thanks Vasanth & Uma,
    The wishes shall make him better day by day.