Wednesday, July 8, 2009


Our schools, Our Epics, Our Moral Stories, Our Elders, Our Culture, Our Constitution says discrimination in any form is a sin, an offence and denial of human rights. In contrary, see or hear what is happening in China. 200 people died in ethnic violence in a Chinese province (Real number shall never be known to the world). The reaction from the ruling government is that isolate the province, snap all kinds of communication and black out the area. It makes their task easy to cleanse the small in number community (I hate the word – MINORITY). That is why I said the numbers does matter. The so called minority saviors – Prakash Karat, Brinda Karat, D.Raja, Sitaram Yechury, USA, Pakistan – did what. Nothinig! No words from these comrades. Because the killer is a big comrade. Is there a gut in the biggest democratic countries of the world – USA or India to condemn this? Or at least release a press statement in support/concern of those getting killed barbarically?

No! Hell with this kind of democracy. Instead they supply arms and ammunitions to both the sides.

The size does matter.


  1. Is it so?
    To me size doesn't matter! cos
    In India the Public school concept was introduced only after 1800AD. Till then only minority were eligible for education. In Tamilnadu for the sake of majority the TN govt banned the ENgg entrance exams, but in the name of law the opp to majority(I know you don't like the word minority) could get a legal stay for an year, by which lot of majority denied engg education. Till date the TN govt is ruled by opposit ot majority party(I still remember).

  2. what else to expect from so called gov which is headed by strong (feable) PM kingg is sinng.

    Rather claim Indian ajmal hand in that also..