Monday, July 20, 2009

Obsession – Color or Name

If anybody press the remote of their TV Channels or flip thru’ the newspapers will find it hard to watch or read the same article / news item spread over the days. It is very obvious that our media totally and madly obsessed with the colored/foreign/popular named visitors to this country. Why? Have anybody written / covered so much if the person is not colored.

Hope everybody would have understood the context.

It is nothing but about the visit of Ms. Hillary Clinton.

It is not to say ever give a covering. It is only to say give an eligible and qualitative covering. Did this media gave any sort of coverage when Mr. MBEKI – South African President visited India? Mostly none of us knew there was a President – South Africa visited India.

Long live obsession to Color, Foreign People and the Name Clinton


  1. I think we the Indians are connected more with USA than SA. Also our media gives a glamour treatment when it comes to whites and just ignore the blacks; where we the Indians are stamped as coured by the white/pink/red idiots. A nice post, made me to think!!

  2. I think this kind of importants not only focus the colour. It is focus to follow the developed country. (எந்த ஒரு நாடும் வளர்ந்த நாடுகளுக்கு கொடுக்கும் முக்கியத்துவத்தை வளரும் நாடுகளுக்கு கொடுப்பதில்லை, நாமும் தான்). If Mr. Obama coming to india, also we will give a important to him even though he is negro. that's all.

  3. Dear Prabu,
    Thanks for the comments.

    Dear Balaji,
    I am ok with the treatment for the Head of State. Ms. Hillary Clinton is not Head of State. Whereas Mr. OBAMA is Head of State. We never even come to know any German - Foreign Affairs Minister's visit or UK's Foreign Affairs Minister's visit.And we don't know their name. And here, I am not discussing about the Government protocol, official importance. I am just venting out the anger of the coverage given by the MEDIA.
    All said and done your views are really respected.

  4. Hi Murali,
    I am of the opinion it is not the colour of the skin which matters for me, but the track record of the person towards India. I believe Hillary Clinton do has a good track record as far as dealing with India is concerned. Also if you see Bush Jr. was not as unpopular in India, as he was in the rest of the world & you will appreciate it was not because of the colour of his skin but because of his deals related to India . Media will always go by the general mood of the public involved. As regard the South African President, of course he is not a popular figure in India, but at the same time if it would have been Mr. Mandela, definitely the scene would have been different. I personally feel there is no harm in giving coverage to visit of Hillary as she is good friend to India & Indian Culture.
    Best regards

  5. Dear Rajeev,
    Good day! Very detailed comment. I really appreciate your obsession. If at all anything has to go by the so called Uncle SAM, they should stop all the support to the terrorist nation. Till that time, they are not friendly to India. The same woman will visit Pakistan on the way back and tell that nation totally different story. Because there is also GOOD MEDIA present. Do you know why? All the leading media of the world are through the FDI route and based from USA.
    Let us all imagine a day, when our Foreign Affairs Minister visits USA and get all the media coverage.

  6. Do you want to see Mr. Bush's popularity. Visit this site.

  7. Hi Murali,
    you are mentioning Hillary as colored. but actually they think we are colored and they are white!
    Besides 80% of the media or major shares are held by foreign corporates. so it is natural that they support their bosses.

  8. Dear Kiruba,
    Thanks for your comments. You have made me to share a very good poem about the colors. Go through and let me know about the colors.
    Keep hopping and commenting.