Thursday, September 24, 2009

Da Vinci Code…re-visited..Part 1.

 DA VINCIBasically, my interest in reading is towards history (I scored School first rank in History & Geography Subject), history based fictions, treasure hunt type, investigative (Coding & De-coding), war related stories. In that search, I stumbled upon the book “Da Vinci Code” – Thanks to the Media Coverage and controversies surrounded . In fact I also have some interest in Leonardo, Michael Angelo, Van Gough, Raja Ravi Verma, Ajanta, Ellora arts & paints – not as an expert. Only as an admirer and onlooker. In my previous employment at New Delhi, I needed to go to Europe more often. Incidentally, during the reading of the much hyped “DA VINCI CODE”, got an opportunity to visit France for customer meeting. I was elated to travel (That was a 3rd or 4th time to France) this time than the previous visits. I took 4 days off in France (Weekends – 2 Saturdays & Sundays). Just to follow the references made in this book.Reading Da Vinci @ Airport

During this visit, I had a great company of my colleague who didn’t want to explore any thing – It may be Food, History, Country, Culture, System, etc, etc,. Just opposite to my nature. I believe in walking through the new streets irrespective of country, city, language or culture. Of course, it did give me an opportunity to make the company interesting and bring closure to my natural urge to explore. We had travelled to Germany (My all time favorite foreign destination) and after finishing our duties, we flew to France – Paris – CDG Airport: One of the busiest and unique airport in Europe.

PARIS: Capital of France: Fashion Capital of the World: Wine capital of the (drinking) World: Housing one of the 7 Wonders of the World – Eiffel Tower: Louvre Museum: Mona Lisa: Napoleon: Arc-de-triomphe: etc, etc, etc,

 Eiffel Tower @ NiteMuseum Louvre 

Important Fact About France which most of the world do not know is: 30%+ citizens of France say they do not have / follow any religion!

Visit report shall continue…………