Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Dining… In a Table?


I had a German Guest to my home couple of weeks ago. She was requesting me to show her the Indian Household and daily choirs and so on. She is obsesses with Indian Food – DOSA, IDLI & VADA. Hence I told my wife to prepare DOSA. She was amused by seeing the way and easy sailing of my wife in the kitchen making DOSA, CHATNI (Side dish for DOSA), SAMBAR (Side Dish for DOSA) within half an hour.  She could not believe this is possible. TAN1

And one more thing which surprised her was that how could my wife accommodate and agreed to prepare to make food with a short notice. As usual I have informed my wife only five minutes in advance that we shall be coming home and having dinner. Because it is highly impossible in any German Home to have social visits in such such short notice. IMG_1376TANYASince, she is an European, we needed to have all the paper napkins in the Dining Table and Paper Rolls in the Toilet and so on. We had our DOSA, CHATNI, SAMBAR, etc on the dining table.

It was a very nice experience for her and with great sincerity  she took photos of each moment right from pouring the wet DOSA flour on the hot pan till we seen her off with TILAK (Red mark) on her forehead as typical TAMILIAN HINDU culture (Indian).

IMG_0991 Do you know after that as a family how we had our real dinner (Same DOSA, Same CHATNI, Same SAMBAR)? We all sat on the floor and had the dinner. That is the real real dinner.


  1. That is a nice documentation Murali. You brought the scene in front of my eyes with your lines. I guess it is complete with more details about your guest, her profession and her background rather her interpretation on her observations in your home. Still the post makes a complete sense. I like it.

  2. Thanks Prabhu for the comments. I shall try to improve post by post.

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