Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Once an average high and medium built beautiful pregnant woman (9th month of pregnancy) got an untimely womitting. To avoid spoiling the room, she ran out of home only to be stopped timely by his brother. Beacuse of this acts of urgency, the kid in the womb had moved to the top of the womb and its head struck to the upper tube. It was really horrible 6 hours of labour pain she had to go through for giving birth to a long awaited (5 years) child (baby boy) with the long (again) head because of the previous days rendezvous. It took her and the child to bring the shape of the head to a normal child almost an year. That is what the beginnning of this mans life in this earth. That was the day parents came out of the anxiety of parenthood.

I have given birth to this blogspot on this day 9th June 2009. Welcome.


  1. I just find one important aspect in your language. That is, you have improved ur flow and vocabulary very well. You sound great for a blog. I wish you rocking

  2. i too wish you to start rocking

  3. Dear Rajesh,
    Thanks very much. Shall try to keep up to your expectations.