Friday, June 26, 2009


The king of Pop – My favorite music legend is no more as body. It was a shocking letters stared at me this morning. It is going to be very difficult for the fans all over the world to digest this news for the long years to come. I am one of his serious fans around the world. We need not go on to his personal adventures to bring his death at his door steps. But being born as an eighth kid of his family, he had to go through tough times. Irrespective of his race and color, he could pop the world of music with his versatility. I at least wanted him to perform his oncoming tour at UK before he leaves his worldly body.
This is an unfortunate event, day, loss to the music world. Join the mourning with me.
But, he will never die from the hearts of almost all the Music lovers, hearers, Cassettes, CDs, DVDs, USBs, Computers, Players, Cars, Restaurants, Channels, Air, Wind and Sound.
I am really sorry for all the fans


  1. Yes Murali, It is a very sad day.

    He is a history, like always the blacks create history and step stones in white America. His Thriller record sales is yet to be broken.

    This man created a trend, now a lot live by. You must notice one thing this black man might ve had a feeling of changing his skin colour to white will take him par with other nasty whites; he also did that!But due to what? The entire world is filled with nasty discrimination attitude. When he went high, the press earned with his pics and interviews. When he was low the majority of press community celebrated. I always love his lyrics in "They don't care about us".

    As a human belong to third world country and black race, I personally will miss MJ a lot.

    Good Bye MJ, you had a tiring journey and the world never let you relax in peace. If this is going to give you that, See You dear MJ.

  2. He is. But the media never allow him to be so. Media worried about their TRP. Hence using ones death.