Friday, June 19, 2009


Those were the days; I used to scramble for the family maintenance. As usual at troubled times, my better half wanted to have some luxury of watching movies at home. That means, she requested (Ordered?) me to add a gadget at home – a DVD player. At that point of time, the pricing of the good ones are close to 15,000 Indian Rupees. As a loving husband, I roamed all around the market and searched for good “model & make” and most importantly an affordable one which fits my budget (Of course in EMI only). Before taking any final decision, I thought of asking one of my very close friends, who was (Even today) working in DUBAI. For all Indians, DUBAI is the place where anything latest and best launched first. So, I asked him. He also, good man (like me = my friend), explained me that he would be going to the market and search a suitable model and recommend me which one to buy. Couple of days passed after our discussion. I kept on searching for the player wanted by my loved one. Meanwhile, my work pressure has settled in and I became very busy with the work and I was in a middle of a meeting. My wife called me during the session. I have the habit of not missing any calls from My Wife, My Brother, My Friend Senthil and My Friend Thangamaniprabu always. So, I picked the call by excusing myself out of the meeting. She threw a surprise at me asking how I could get a costly DVD player without taking her along and asked for the details of financial implication. I was totally not prepared. How was it possible to get a DVD player without even selecting and not even paying?
Only then I realized it was the handwork of none other than my good friend to whom I asked to suggest me a model. He took it very seriously and took all the pain to buy at DUBAI and send it to INDIA – PUNE, without bothering to inform me. How can I say thanks to such a good friend of mine? Even today, after 7 years, we are having the same DVD player. For me and my family, more than the value of the DVD player or the pains he took to make it reach; the love showered on us explained the value of the FRIENDSHIP.
I retired to the silence of a room and started literally weeping. My family could not understand the thing happened to me. But you know sometimes, more loads of love bring you tears flowing out of nowhere. It gives a pleasure and satisfaction as such the very same person is near you and watching you experiencing the affection.