Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Initially, May be for a long week, I was wondering with anxiety, there will be nobody otherthan my mentor to look in to this handwork of mine. However, I should surely thank my first visitor and his wishes. This will ensure my blogging to go at least a mile further. My thanks to Jean for his wishes.

The series of thanks shall follow. Hence, never mind to visit / wish me at any point of time / period.


  1. My Best wishes will be there always.
    Kallanghal maaralam,
    Nearanghal odalam,
    Niranghal maaralam
    Anal num passanghal maarathu

    Senthil Kumar.

  2. I jus want to say you two things. 1. Don't be too senti! 2. Disable word verification in comments. People find it odd to do word verification.

  3. Your comments are well taken.
    For word verification: Have taken action.
    For Senti: It remains in the blood cells. However, let me try to reduce.